The Electronics Fairy and Zorro the Wonder Cat


Editor’s note: This was intended to be posted last night; however, Zorro the wonder cat crawled up on me to snuggle just after putting my little man to bed. House rule is that if our masked wonder is sitting on a lap, we do not dare to move for at least a few minutes. Well, last night a few minutes turned into 45, and this writer was a zombie after that.

I had hoped to have some amazingly hilarious stories to share today after last night’s more serious post, but it was fairly uneventful here at the Maple Tree House today. I will say one thing though; after a day of getting to play with not one, not two, but three different friends, I am putting this boy to work tomorrow unless someone wants to take him off my hands for the afternoon. Today was not very productive, and I have a lot accomplish in the next two days or so. I think the electronics fairy may slip in overnight and hide all remotes and devices so that he has nothing to do but help mommy or read. I will gladly relax a little on chores if this kid would pick up a book.

During the school year, he has to read daily for a minimum of 20 minutes a day outside of school. I tend to let that slide on school breaks. As a former English teacher and avid reader myself, it is pretty odd that I am that way. Yep, we are starting the morning off with chores and taking a 30 minute reading break before lunch. After that, if all goes well, perhaps the electronics fairy will return the missing remotes because momma needs to work. People need to see some houses this weekend and most sellers appreciate advance notice. Just ask my friend and client A.M. She texted me this evening and wanted to know why some people had just shown up to look at her house, and she had no idea they were coming. Turns out she had never gotten my text confirming the showing. Luckily it was all good, as she was going out anyway, but I certainly can’t show up unannounced to four different houses on Saturday with my buyers.

Electronics fairy

So, while today was a very calm and relatively peaceful day, tomorrow we are going to hit the ground running with productivity on the agenda, since instead of being productive while my kiddo was distracted today, I spent most of the afternoon relaxing in the relative peace and quiet of my bedroom. I was not completely lazy. I did do some research to advise one client what the current value is of his home, since he wants to sell and downsize. Also, dealt with a few other odds and ends in the real estate world, but mostly chatted with some friends catching up on life and also set up my new bedding I ordered from eBay and hung the coordinating curtains that were part of the set. It looks amazingly better than the old hand-me-down, online yard sale set I got on the cheap when I moved into my house last fall.


That’s about it for the night. As I said earlier, it was uneventful here at the Maple Tree House today, so today’s post is short and sweet. After yesterday’s heavy post, I do not want to get into anything serious today. Tomorrow promises to be much more interesting since the electronics fairy is scheduled to be here any time. There are sure to be whining and temper tantrums. Wish me luck!


About Maple Tree House

I'm a twice-divorced, single mom of a vivacious 12-year-old boy I refer to as Rugrat in my blog. I write typically humorous posts about life and juggling time spent working, being a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I also plan to write and publish some fiction in the future and started my blog in an attempt to hone my writing skills.
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4 Responses to The Electronics Fairy and Zorro the Wonder Cat

  1. Happy Hippo says:

    Sounds like a good day for lawnmower training!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carrie says:

    I like nights of relaxation, but with the hubby working nights… all my chores are done after 6pm.


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