No, I am NOT Married



Wow! My page visits exploded overnight and throughout the day. If you read my post last night, you know I was crazy busy yesterday, and consequently, I didn’t post until just after midnight. When I woke up and checked my stats at 8:30 this morning, I had already had more unique visitors than I’ve had on any given day in the two weeks I’ve been blogging. As of now I have tripled visits from my previous record high, and it still hasn’t been 24 hours. I know that some people find me funny at times, but why the sudden jump? Why today?

Well, I think I figured it out. I noticed that 99% of the visits were linked to Facebook. So they all had to come from my personal sphere. I went back to see the original post that WordPress automatically shared to my page. I saw the headline, “Babies Getting Married” and then saw the featured photo of a very handsome man and me. Ah-ha….people who didn’t know me in 1989-1991 or so think this fella and I got married.

Seriously? I haven’t even been divorced a year! Of course that doesn’t stop some people, but I won’t mention any names. The man in this picture with me, you see, is one of my “other brothers.” We are close in age and at one time were pretty close. He’s also married to a beautiful woman, and they have three gorgeous kiddos together.

So, no, I’m not married, nor do I have plans to be anytime soon. I would love to see my readership stay high and continue to grow, though, so please keep reading anyway!

Now, for the content I had planned for tonight. I mentioned last night that I’d spent a lot of time with the Rugrat in the past few days. After two weeks of almost non-stop togetherness, I knew I’d be ready for a break, but dang I miss my kiddo. We got to take one of his bffs to swim and hang out with a good friend of mine and some other kiddos. We played the PS3. We played Minecraft (I loathe this game). We just had FUN!


My good friend, Skipah, came over to help set up the kiddo’s new bunk bed, and he was quite helpful, holding all of the pieces steady as Skipah tightened bolts. He even used and Allen wrench to tighten one in a tight corner that grown adults could barely fit into. I was amused listening to him trying to problem solve while I was cooking dinner in the kitchen.

Is he helping or showing off?

Is he helping or showing off?

Skipah needed a hammer and mine was not in my pink tool bag. (Yes, it’s pink. I like pink. I am girly. But I know a thing or two about hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers.) So Rugrat ran all over the house looking for things to use instead. “No, buddy, a cardboard box won’t work.” “Uh, what are you doing with that plastic ruler?” Gotta give the kid props for trying.

Women can be handy, too!

Women can be handy, too!

Dinner took longer to prepare than usual, but ended up being done just shortly after Skipah finished up. He scarfed down his dinner standing in the kitchen while I made a plate for the kiddo. He had to take off quickly to get home and start on his own blog, and it was getting late. As he left, however, he informed me he’d be back over soon to take the bed apart and start over. The bottom support piece for the mattress was upside down. Oops! No worries, Skipah! We appreciate your help and will fix it when we can.



I woke up Friday so excited to be able to have a night out with some friends at a local pub/restaurant where we like to sing karaoke on kid-free Fridays. After dropping the kiddo at his daddy’s, attending a training about a local program granting up to $10,000 in forgivable housing assistance to first-time buyers (no way I was missing that one…great program for my clients), I finally made it home around 2-3 that afternoon. As much as I craved a nap, I focused on some household chores. By 6pm I already knew this old momma was tired and not going out. Datenight on the couch for me. Hit the ground running both yesterday and today and already looking forward to bedtime. Tomorrow promises to be an emotional day, and this normal night-owl needs some beauty sleep!

Skipah goes to court tomorrow afternoon to learn the fate of his daughter’s residency. You can read more about it here, but let’s just say things don’t look very promising. So please say a prayer, send positive vibes or do a “Daughter Stays with Daddy” dance. I might not be providing you with more riveting bedtime reading tomorrow, as Skipah’s army may be in support mode and unavailable to the general population. #sloanestayshome

Well Rugrat just called and said the Sleep Police were in his daddy’s driveway, but he wanted to call anyway to say goodnight. I sure love and miss that kid!


About Maple Tree House

I'm a twice-divorced, single mom of a vivacious 12-year-old boy I refer to as Rugrat in my blog. I write typically humorous posts about life and juggling time spent working, being a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I also plan to write and publish some fiction in the future and started my blog in an attempt to hone my writing skills.
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