Goodbye, Summer

Back to School

You know that one friend of your kid’s? The one your kid has known from birth? The one that he considers his best friend? The one he fights with EVERY time they play? The one who after five minutes after apart he begs to know when he will see him again? That ONE friend whose desk is right next to your kid’s desk on the first day of school? Yep, that happened.

Best friends since birth acting silly on the last day of school last year

Best friends since birth acting silly on the last day of school last year

Tonight was the long-awaited open house at school. We knew the boys would be in the same class this year, as they were last year. I love this child very much, often referring to him as my red-headed stepchild, but his parents, Rugrat’s dad and I truly did make arrangements in the past to keep the boys separated knowing it would not be good for either of them to be in the same class. Last year we decided to roll the dice, as the boys were older and slightly more mature, and when we showed up for open house, their desks were right across from each other. We warned the teacher, who said she would keep an eye on them. It was only the second day of school before Rugrat came home and said he had a new seat across the room from his BFF. That was absolutely not a surprise!

They actually did not do too badly, but both were on ADD medication by then, and they did much better at focusing and behaving. We decided they were fine being in the same class, as long as they were not right next to each other. So we walked in tonight, and sure enough, their desks are right next to each other. After introducing ourselves to the teacher, who rumor has it, is awesome, we told her the two would need to be separated. Even the boys agreed, nodding their heads, while my kiddo concurred, “Yeah, it’s not a good idea for us to sit together.” Their teacher responded that obviously if they both knew they had issues sitting by each other, she would have to rearrange the seating chart. (She found it pretty humorous.)

It was nice to see some other mommy friends of mine whose kids have not been in Rugrat’s class before or had transferred schools and returned. One is the wife of the kid’s pediatrician, and having just had a checkup yesterday, he already knew their son was in his class. Another is the little sister of an old friend of mine, who may or may not have been the recipient of some adult beverages before she was old enough to purchase herself. Finally, a good friend whose daughter was in the kiddo’s Kindergarten class had transferred her kids to the private school where she worked after that first year of school. Now with a new job and no more discount tuition, they are back at our school, too.

Hope to have lots of lunches with my kiddo again this year

Hope to have lots of lunches with my kiddo again this year

Parents are always welcome to join our kiddos for lunch, which I try to do often. Rugrat already asked when I can come this week. Unfortunately, in the past, it has often been difficult to get their because the mornings are when I get the most work done, and his scheduled lunch time has always interfered because they feed them so dang early that by the time he gets home from school, he’s starving. So it was probably the best news of the day to learn lunch is at the very reasonable time of 11:30 this year.

Prior to open house was a guitar lesson. I was very proud of how well Rugrat did, especially considering he had not practiced this past week. He basically worked on the same two chords as last week, but did very well. He seems to really be getting the hang of it and enjoying it. It helps that Chad and I both suggested that if he keeps practicing and sticks with it, his future step-dad Luke Bryan might see him on a YouTube video and invite him to be one of his band members. OK, OK, so maybe mommy has an ulterior motive….if he is going to be the kid’s stepdad, mommy has to meet him somehow, right?

See, son, this could be you some day

See, son, this could be you some day

That was my excitement for the day. I did some boring work stuff…mostly paperwork…and communicated with some clients about some minor details with their files, but otherwise it was a low-key day. I may or may not have tipped off the Sleep Police that it is a school night, and they may want to arrive a little early at Daddy’s house, but I will neither confirm, nor deny if questioned.


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I'm a twice-divorced, single mom of a vivacious 12-year-old boy I refer to as Rugrat in my blog. I write typically humorous posts about life and juggling time spent working, being a mom, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I also plan to write and publish some fiction in the future and started my blog in an attempt to hone my writing skills.
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2 Responses to Goodbye, Summer

  1. Skipah says:

    Nothing better than eating lunch with your kid, my daughter sprints towards me every time I show up at her school. Melts my heart every time!


  2. rcrown2 says:

    Still have a while before I get to experience that “one friend” with my 20 month old, but I’m sure it’ll come faster than we want. I swear, time travel is real, it’s called parenting, and only goes one way….the future.

    Hope you get to make it to a school lunch this year, and hopefully they are serving something worthy of eating!


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