School, Makeup and Old Friends

Well, as anyone in Southern Indiana knows, school started Wednesday. The last few of days have been particularly busy, so you will hopefully see two or three fresh blogs over the next couple of days to catch you up.

I believe children should express themselves with the clothes they pick out, even on the first day of school

I believe children should express themselves with the clothes they pick out, even on the first day of school

My baby started his last year of elementary school. I don’t know about other parents, but the first day of school this year was much more emotionally draining for me that the first day of Kindergarten was. At first, I found that quite odd, but eventually realized it was not strange at all. I can go have lunch at school with my kiddo any time I want. He not only asks me to come, but begs me sometimes. He absolutely loves it. Next year, in middle school, I really do not think I will ever be asked. Any begging will be for me not to show up at school. That makes me sad.

I did make it to school to have lunch with Rugrat and 3 of his BFFs. I was planning to go Thursday, but I was in a very rare groove cleaning house that I postponed until Friday. I like to entertain, mostly because it forces me to clean, and I had several ladies coming Thursday for an in-home party for a fairly new cosmetic line called Younique that my dear friend Patty represents. Since she had planned for months to be in town for her parents’ 50th wedding anniversary party, I planned to host the Younique party for a while. (More on the cosmetic party later)

Lunch, as usual, was a blast! After five minutes of running around the cafeteria picking which friends to join us to eat, my mini-me finally returned to our table with his motley crew. I tried to snap a few photos of him and his friends, and while Rugrat’s friends were more than willing to oblige, he played camera shy and fought me every time

I tried to snap a photo. Sometimes if I tell him I’m using a photo on my blog, he will cheese it up and pose, but that did not work this time as evidenced below.

School lunch 1

This is as good as I could get of Rugrat and me

This is as good as I could get of Rugrat and me

The boys started talking about wanting to hang out this weekend and so texts and phone calls between moms started flying, and by the time all was said and done, L’s lucky mom ended up with three boys sleeping over, staying up late and waking up early causing them to be very tired and cranky. Not expecting to pick my kiddo up until late morning, I had a text waiting on me when I got up at nine all but begging me to pick him up because the threesome were already arguing and fighting. Of course, Rugrat claimed it was all the third boy’s fault, but what 9-year-old willingly takes the blame. I’m sure all three played a roll, but he was not stuck with me for the day, and it didn’t matter who “started it” anymore.

Patty explained the background of the Younique brand of cosmetics. Very interesting

Patty explained the background of the Younique brand of cosmetics. Very interesting

We had a great day, but will go into that in another post. I mentioned earlier that I’d talk more about my Younique make-up demonstration Patty gave at my house. I had my high school posse all there, my sista who took care of me when Rugrat’s daddy and I first separated, one of my current BFFs, the mom of one of Rugrat’s BFFs and my soul-sista I hadn’t seen since Thanksgiving. My heart swelled looking around my living room at all of these beautiful friends, some of whom have been in my life for years and others just months, but it was a truly wonderful feeling to be surrounded be so many dear ones.

Without this woman, I wouldn't have survived my divorce from Rugrat's dad

Without this woman, I wouldn’t have survived my divorce from Rugrat’s dad

I now know how the kiddo's good friend G learned to be so silly!

I now know how the kiddo’s good friend G learned to be so silly!

Mommies out there…it is soooo important to make time for yourself and your friends. I cannot even begin to express how much my girl time can reenergize me and help me be much more focused on being a Mommy and more tolerant and patient when the kiddo is with me. My heart is overflowing as I write this just thinking about how much girlfriend love I have felt over the past few days.


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    Lunch fun with the kiddos is always a blast!

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